Chen Dandizi


Chen Dandizi

Born 1990 in Hezhou, China.

Lives and works in Guangzhou, China.


Dandizi's works are characterized by a symbiosis of media: Her use of video, installation, photography, and literature form integral parts required to illuminate intimate, short-lived moments in time, and human emotion. Her works explore the perception and experience of encounters with reoccurring phenomena of the natural and artificial world. Dandizi's art explores central themes such as self-knowledge and observation of her lived environment. Revealing the fleeting nature of hidden connections between a unique moment and emotion is at the heart of her creative process.


Chen Dandizi graduated from the oil painting department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2015. Dandizi's works have been included in a recent solo exhibition at Canton Gallery, Guangzhou, China; her group exhibitions were held in OCAT Shenzhen, Para Site, West Bund Art & Design, Beijing Contemporary Art Expo, HUA International, Capsule Gallery, Galleria Continua, Spurs Gallery, Shenzhen Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/ Architecture, Frick Fine Arts Building University of Pittsburgh, Mexico National Culture Digital Center, Lianzhou Foto Festival 2019. Finalist in the ART SANYA & HUAYU Youth Award.