Palai 2023

Palazzo Tamborino Cezzi | July 29 - August 26, 2023

"Palai" is a group exhibition taking place for the second time this summer at Palazzo Tamborino Cezzi in Lecce, Italy.


The project is organized by Balice Hertling (Paris FR) who invited ten galleries from around the world to participate to the exhibition: 15 Orient (NEW YORK, US) / Amanita (New York, US) / Balice Hertling (Paris, FR) / Barbara Weiss (Berlin, DE) / Bel Ami (Los Angeles, US) / Delgosha (Tehran, IR)

/ Ermes Ermes (Rome, IT) / Hua International (Beijing, CN / Berlin, DE) / Isla Flottante (Buenos Aires, AR) / LC Queisser (Tbilisi, GE) • Amanita (New York, US) / Tara Downs (New York, US)


The name "Palai" means 'palace' in the Apulian dialect of Griko. Its etymological origin lies in the Latin palātum, or palate, which refers to the organ of taste and judgment. From this palate is born another: the palette of the artist. As a space that traditionally houses important artworks and is an architectural feat, a palace is a meeting place of beauty and taste. As a residence, it also signifies the ease and relaxation of being in one's own home or of being welcomed into the house of another. In Ancient Greece, the particular friendship and hospitality between hosts and guests that was an essential thread of their social fabric was known as "xenia." This summer, we seek to create an environment in Lecce that celebrates the same care, generosity, and exchange denoted by this timeless term.


This summer, once again, we will gather those who appreciate art, whose daily lives revolve around it - artists, curators, gallerists, critics, and collectors-in a very special location. In the absence of a selection committee or a head curator, we hope to emphasize collaboration in its truest sense.

Palai will be an opportunity for all of us to have fun as we install, discuss, exchange, and exhibit alongside one another, sharing this time together in a space of classical beauty will help us all to reconnect, recharge, and collectively map new directions to take as we move forward with our respective work practices.