Tong Kunniao

Born 1990 in Changsha, Hunan, China.

Lives and works in Beijing, China.


Humor and absurdity are central concepts in Tong Kunniao's mode of presentation which he utilizes to challenge established social laws and the prevailing social status. His oeuvre consists of kinetic sculpture, painting and mixed-media installations, paired with his eccentric, mechanical object performances. He characteristically uses mass-produced goods, recyclable second-hand materials and found objects as elements to create installations. Tong’s work, on the one hand, is a reaction to rampant consumerism and the living conditions of industrial nations. On the other, it acts as a window to the spiritual world of the younger generation in China. His unique style and the impactful visual effects of his works allow the audience to become immersed in his world, whilst also encountering the novelty of familiar experiences. Freedom, balance, and gravity, are central themes in the artist’s idiosyncratic body of work.


Tong Kunniao graduated with a BFA from the Sculpture Department at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in 2015. He has been exhibited by major institutions such as Yuz Museum, Shanghai; the Power Long Museum, Shanghai and Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing.