The Library of Babel: Dorothea Reese-Heim

26 November 2022 - 11 February 2023

Hua International is pleased to announce Dorothea Reese-Heim’s exhibition The Library of Babel at the gallery’s Beijing location. This retrospective, Reese-Heim’s first solo exhibition in China, will span thirty years of the German artist’s career. The Library of Babel transforms Hua International’s Beijing gallery into an experimental library. The presentation draws its inspiration from a short story by the Spanish writer Jorge Luis Borges that describes the universe as a library consisting purely of hexagonal rooms filled with life’s basic necessities and four walls of bookshelves containing infinite variations of 22 letters and three punctuation marks. Within these impenetrable lines, the content of all of the great books of the world is to be found. Like the books in Borges’ library, Reese-Heim’s works operate in the space between coherence and incoherence.


Installation Views