Passing By: Sun Cunming

17 November 2019 - 16 February 2020

“Passing By” has paid close attention to the relief that the artist Sun Cunming has experienced after a period of chaotic, bored and contradictory life anxiety.


The title of the exhibition possesses a highly camouflaged meaning of the original Chinese words: It terminatively concludes all the characters, substances or events and refers to the differences while it is also a more popular word, often borrowed to describe one’s own experience, met people or owned items. The more it's used, the more blurred it gets.


And the English meaning of the title is also expressing the artist's creative style and self-dimensional reorganization. Elements such as objects and images of the exhibition are mostly presented in a strained way, eventually turning the exhibition into a self language sedative. The exhibition of XC.HuA Gallery Beijing is characterized by media diversity, which represents an average concept for they are all just “Passing By”.

Installation Views