Berlin | Atlas of Affinities: Vol. 2, Scores for Movement: Di Bu, Vivian Caccuri, Musquiqui Chihying, Leelee Chan, Zhou Chen, Cian Dayrit, Shiwei Ding, Di Fang, Guan Xiao, Wei Hu, Lisa Chang Lee, Han Shen, Trevor Yeung, Ran Zhang, Yingying Zhu... more artists to be announced.

10 März - 6 April 2023
Hua International is delighted to invite you to the opening of the group exhibition, "ATLAS OF AFFINITIES: VOL. 2, SCORES FOR MOVEMENT," at our Berlin gallery on Friday, March 10th. This exhibition showcases a diverse range of works from contemporary artists, exploring the designations of relational proximities. The past years have been marked by the fundamental issues related to movement, the everyday routines and exchanges that are part of a bi-local existence with our galleries in Germany and China. This exhibition presents the opportunity for exchange on the occasion of the reopening of China after the end of the Zero-Covid policies. These widespread Government enacted restrictions deeply altered the modern history of China and their end signals a landmark moment. Several Asian voices join together with other artists (including the broader Global South) in expanding the ideas of what an artistic score can be across cultures and borders. 
Join us to celebrate the opening of the continuation of the ATLAS OF AFFINITIES series.