Fanny Gicquel


Fanny Gicquel

Born 1992 in Rennes, France

Lives and works in Rennes


Fanny Gicquel’s works move between installation, sculpture and performance and develop spaces that accommodate different elements which presuppose a scenario of activation. The sculptures act as extensions of the body and are activated through gestures that question the correlation of the body/object and the self and the other. In this way, the work explores the relationship between the animate and the inanimate, space and time during and after the actions. These works bring into play the spatial and corporeal permeability of the dualism between notions of individual/collective, private/public, Intimate/distant. The works require the performance and also exist outside it in a network of choreography and improvisation. Her work has recently been presented in solo exhibitions at Passerelle Centre d’art contemporain, Brest, France (2020); Loto, Brussels, Belgium (2020); Museum of Fine Arts, Rennes (2019); Maison Internationale de Rennes, Rennes (2018).