Siheyuan is a para-curatorial project by Hua International. Located on the second floor of the gallery’s Berlin location, Siheyuan understands itself as a platform for activities that fall outside of the parameters of the gallery’s program: a space of experimentation, of exchange, and spending time together. Regular talks, screenings, and discussions will take place here that expand and enrich but do not directly relate to our exhibitions, as well as pop-up shows organized by represented artists and curated by Hua International’s international network of friends and collaborators. The name Si he yuan is a Chinese term designating a structure surrounded by courtyards, an architectural form typical of our second home-base in Beijing and resonating with our gallery’s Berlin location in the Mercator Höfe. Drawing upon the rich, interactive spirit of the courtyard, Hua International’s Si he yuan project will provide an informal, dialogically driven space to encounter art and ideas.